And they say .....

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right ? Sometimes I wish it would just kill me. If this was so.. I should be the strongest person on the planet. I should be so trim and fit and no feelings whatsoever, but I do. By all means my life is not the worst my children are healthy they have there issues and this is sorta hard because I have made it that way at times by my own decisions, other things are not my fault they just seem to keep flying at me like I'm in a batting cage trying to dodge balls, but I keep getting smacked one after another to the point I don't know If i can keep getting up. 

So where did that saying come from anyways? Some person who has it all ?

Would money make my life easier - maybe a little would it make all my problems go away absolutely not. 

Would having the perfect mate make my life easier - maybe it would make my stress level a little bit more manageable if I felt like someone was there to back me up and catch me when I fall but not everyone is perfect. 

Would having a huge family that understands whats going on in my life and that didn't seemed so consumed with their own lives help. I think so..... I feel all alone and I feel like I'm failing my daughter once again and that my family is failing me.

Thank you Insurance company for denying my daughter a feeding chair..

Thank you Secondary insurance for denying my daughter a feeding chair. 

Thanks to a program I applied to for kids with autism and special needs for denying my daughter an iPad when she clearly had enough votes but it went to a FRIEND of the owners site. * But thank you for giving away iPad  to kids that need them * 

Thank you State of WV and SSI for telling me I make too much money - anything over working at McDonald's is too much. 

Sometimes you just get tired of asking and seeking for help, people have abused the system so much that when a real child, adult or elderly person really need it. THEY DON"T GET IT. 

My plea - if anyone knows of any resources please point me in the right direction. I think I have tried all avenues but you never know. There isn't anything I won't do to give my daughter EVERYTHING. 

I have heard of grants to get sensory toys or a sensory playground or room , technology equipment etc.

You can email me directly here  Jessica Marinaccio